Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Struggling with an Ewok

My favorite fluffy Ewok:
I never intended to disappear over the holidays, but life happened.   My daughter had a long holiday break, from college. Last year, she wasn't able to stay for the whole month-so this time we try to fill the month with lots of laugh and simple joys.   I found writing, blogging, and being creative came in small doses-mainly in holiday touches.  

Every time I thought a moment was mine-it wasn't. 
I got an Ewok a week before Christmas~ My son has been very persistent sending me puppy photos for three months.  We lost our hound, a year ago and he thought it was time.  Endless furry cuteness arrived on my iPhone daily.  Then this fur ball showed up and I was smitten.  She is a Care-Tzu: part Toto a Carion Terrier and part Shih-Tzu. 

 Okay, mine doesn't look quite like the famous Star Wars variety,  but close.  She  resemble a teddy bear, a bunny, yet acts like a cat.  She leaps, hops,  pounces and loves to climb on my keyboard and leave me  Milkbone treats.  

 I am sleep deprived and giddy over my girl, Maggie May.  Yes, she is named after the Rod Stewart song.  Well, daughter and I were watching Car Karoke by James Cordon and it was getting late. The only vid we hadn't seen was Rod Stewart.  When my daughter mentioned the name Maggie-I thought that sounded great.   I have nicknamed her Magpie, since most  birds  think she is a rabbit.  They don't fly away when she is nearby-so we get rather close.

Here, Angela shows Maggie, there are other cool toys because furry reindeer to play with.

I hope your holidays were lovely!!   It is strange to have a personal trainer that weighs 6 pounds.  
I have missed blogging and visiting all of you~  

Yes,  my disappearing act was related to the kids leaving the nest and losing my hound, Buster a few months later.  My son saw how happy I was when he and  his hound, Wade Wilson stopped by.  So, thanks, to my son, Larry, for bringing Magpie into my/our world.  I know my heart will never be the same~

This is Wade Wilson.  Yes, he was named after a Marvel comic book character. 
Deadpool is coming out soon-are you a Marvel fan?!  

Friday, November 20, 2015


Funny, how one word will trigger a song and a symphony to perform in my head. Does that happen to you?!   I am thinking of David Bowie's song-Changes.

I recently crossed off a wish on my bucket list.  It was a big one for me.  One that in reality may never have happened, but it did and I had to pinch myself.  Honestly, it doesn't feel real-just yet.  My daughter will be home from college in a few days and when we go to the bookstore and I see it-then it will be real!  I will likely squeal and laugh and snap a pic.   I am official a Cover Girl!   Okay, not in the traditional sense.  See:

My daughter laughed, "Mom, she is wearing colors you wear, a lot. "  It was kinda uncanny.  I do wish my hair was that long-again. Yes, I made Poetic Amulets using a mesh tea ball strainer.

 Thank you-to editor Devon Warren and the Stampington &Company staff.   Devon had a bit of fun with me.  She emailed me, "Let me know if there is anything you want."   I thought, well yes,  I would love the cover-pick me, pick me!  Of course-I never said those words to anyone, until now.

 So, dreams can come true!   So, whatever you hope to accomplish-write it down.  Those penned words wake your subconscious-and sometimes the universe listens~   You won't know until you try!  Whatever your dream may be-go for it!  I have had so, many people try to talk me out of being creative, but I didn't listen...so don't you!  Do it anyway....do it for your heart, for your soul-because we have to honor who we are-no matter what~

So, I am taking a break from being a regular poet.   I will still write poetry, but I am passing my Imaginary Garden lily pad onto someone who writes poetry daily.    I will miss being part of this exceptional group of poetic Toads, but with a leap of faith I want to put my energy elsewhere.

I have other artistic endeavors, hopes and dreams-so I need time to process what it is I hope to accomplish.  Another cover would be nice, perhaps a Youtube channel.   Yes, I am dreaming, but maybe the universe is listening~ YOU never know~  So, be brave, be you and with a leap of faith do what makes you smile the most-write, pen poems, paint, play and/or write music, sing, dance, create, but whatever you pick-do it with all your heART.    * Time didn't change my mind-art is my #1ove~

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Tuesday Platform

Over in the Garden, Karin asked us to pen a poem about writer's block.  She offered an exercise to get us started.  I love the photos she shared-here is one below.
Karin Gustafson, a/k/a Manicddaily.)

Out of the Blue

White sails float like dreams
 chasing puffy clouds
wait for wind's hands
to etch
dove gray ink
onto sky's heart

black wings appear
out of the blue
tilting n' streaking ink -w-w-w
Bird by Bird
now word by word 
erasing words 
wings can soar
in torrent downpour
crystalline ink
waiting for
 dark mood

©Ella Wilson

***Bird by Bird: Some Instructions for Writing Life
by Anne Lamott

Friday, November 13, 2015

Violet's Dream

The Violet's Message

Over in the Imaginary Garden, Susie shared artist John Everett Millais. 
Today's challenge is to choose one of the following paintings and give voice to the subject's thoughts. Is there joy, boredom, worry? Are there any hints in the painting itself?

Violet's Dream

 plump apple cheeks 
cupid's bow 
torn parcel
lifts latch 
heart's red door

Envelope contains-
pressed four leaf clover
 beeswax mood
softens, melts
sky blue eyes 
strawberry moon-like skin
gentle rain

gray garden
fenced in dreams
song bird
is  free----
hands like shutters
ink's hope.  

©Ella Wilson


John Everett Millais (June 8 1829 – August 13, 1896). He was an English painter and one of the wealthiest painters of his day.
Learn more about him-here.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Charms in the Garden-The Tuesday Platform

Over in the Imaginary Garden, Marian shared with us artist Rebecca Korpita~    

I am smitten with the comfort of children, furry friends and books~   
My son and his fiance, Bethany visited us this weekend bringing their fur boys-Benny and Wade.

Benny is a Yorkie who loves to herd children like they are cows or sheep and Wade is a Beagle. Wade loves to wrap himself around my neck-like a Slinky. 

Benny with my future daughter-in-law-Bethany~ My son in the background.

My son's snake-MuShu~  MuShu didn't come-I will go visit him-soon.
He is very photogenic~

Wade is worn out from chasing bunnies, birds and squirrels. Yes, he is sleeping
with Underdog.  I wonder if he will inspire his dreams~  I know, "There is no need to fear..."-lol

Attitude Adjusters

rattled keys
crack, creeking door
greeted with attention-to-deTAILS
wagging grins, hugs
soft velvet ears, cold noses
bridge synapse-
towards peace

Barefoot dreams
lounge on spring green rugs
soft paws climb, cling-giving
giggling bubbles float into human's frame
 worries shed
as comfort crawls into
my heart
surefooted, kind eyes
tennis balls to bounce
rubber ducks to squeak n' squeal and
Underdog's red cape will
soar past a brown leather sofa.

Extract of evening walks
tug of war among brittle 
leaves, kicking pine cones
snapping twigs 
bread rising moon
as wood smoke pipes the sky
like Royal Icing-
My heart skips home
to snuggle with furry bundles
whiskers curl and ticklemy face
silver linings. 

©Ella Wilson

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Advice to Myself

Today, I was reminded  to follow my heart.  I was inspired by a poem called Advice to Myself .   Here are a few lines, which prompted me to write my poem~   

"Pursue the authentic - decide first
what is authentic,
then go after it with all your heart."

        -Louise Erdrich



 threads of green
plucked from a blustery
gray mood
search for sun's 
beeswax glow

I spindle, lean and hope
to repair.....
dusty roads
I hover
searching for
 star-like seeds
discover them
 buried in indigo
veil as 
wind's arms
germinate light-
a chance to be

raised by gypsy moths

I attempt
to stitch a
blood red
in rusty orange
waiting for
approval from 


©Ella Wilson

Friday, October 30, 2015

BEEing Patient

First a big shout out to D L Hammons and his Blitz Blogging Crew, you guys spread sunshine!!   Thank you, so much for all your kind comments-I will return them, but I might be a bit slow.   I was on vacation in Maine and didn't see I was blitzed-Thank you, all so much!!!  You filled my world with hope~

This month my husband  went out of town and while he was away-we learned his mother had passed away.   It was unexpected and so, sad!   So, he came home and we drove back to Maine.  Life has been difficult.

If I had to share in a few words what the pass few months have been like-I would say dizzy.  A lot of drama, sickness and sadness.   I am tired and want to return to my normal routine.  Then I think-normal doesn't exist for me.  I just want some sweetness to balance life's stings.  Enduring the bitter in life is what makes the honey so sweet.

It is still a struggle in my world, there has been bouts of Poison Oak and the flu.  Exhaustion lingers, but we have to find moments to smile, laugh and feel random moments of joy or we crack.

I have missed being part of the blogging world-such a joyful community of lives shared-like bees we visit the flowers-other blogs and find ways to express our worlds.  We share the happy, the sad and our lives-I miss you, I miss blogging,  I miss the sweetness~

I have been in a storm of emotions-yes kind of like a hive.  

So, my blog will likely be a mishmash of art, poems and anything that attracts my poetic eye.  I am sorry, I have not been online much, but I have been busy writing essays and creating.

I have missed you and the magic of blogging!  There is so much goodness in sharing our hopes and dreams online.  Most everyone I have encountered is uplifting and encouraging!   I look forward to being back online and seeing all that I have missed-I imagine a lot.

* I am trying to be patient with myself and if you are here because of GreenCraft-I am working on my Etsy shoppe.  I hope you are well and find some sweetness in your day~