Saturday, October 25, 2014

Play it Again Toads

Have you ever heard a house sigh?
like hissing dried pine cones in a woodstove
the snap n' crackle of old skeletal bones rocking
in staycation mode

do you smell  wintergreen dislocated joints 
the smoulder of orange coals with gray chalk
cracked fine china thoughts rise high as lost prayers
in swirling apple wood smoke
 their voices hover in the sizzle-snap
of old  knotted pine legs surrendering to the knock

tap, tap, tap 
their red n' black faces searching
for scoundrel Peg-leg Pete
or is it a Hob Nob goblin tickling ivory keys
humming a salty ballad
No, it is I hammering an Underwood
clickety-clack as the carriage snaps back 
my  gray rose blooms, once more.

©Ellen Wilson 

My attempt at Kerry's prompt to write a Dylan Thomas poem.  I need to practice a bit more-but I had fun trying to attempt this challenge!
Thank you, Margaret and Kerry!! 

This poem is a lame attempt at the challenge Play it Again Toads #10,  over in the

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bouncing Back

I never intended to be away this long.  Being hyperthyroid was exhausting.  I was supercharged with energy and couldn't sit still.  I walked, talked, drove fast-everything was too fast.  Ideas felt like a hive of bee at first a vibrant swirling energy, some sweet thoughts and others felt like being stung.  I felt dizzy, hungry, couldn't sleep well, and felt like I was struck by lightning.

 My family was easily annoyed with me.  I had eaten too much seafood when we drove home to Maine.  I guess I tried to make up for not being home for five years-in a week.   I told my doctor, but  he prescribed new meds.  Meds I didn't want-because what goes up must come down. I wanted to skip a few days of meds-no, that isn't the way to treat this-I was told.   I was too fast, bouncing like a top into things, eventually I wobbled into a slow dance and then a standstill.   I tried to explain-likely too much iodine, but nothing worked.  So, I took the pale pink pills and ended up too slow.  I haven't felt like this since I was diagnosed 15 yrs ago-a human Tilt o' Whirl.  I am better now!

I have missed all of you, missed blogging, missed the sense of community!  People in my real world label me crazy, weird and an artist.  I use to feel odd about the labels, but now I laugh.  I see potential in everything, a fallen leave, a piece of string, and yes, a water bottle.
A gift for my daughter out of a coffee bag and a water bottle.  Yeah-sometimes I think I am cursed and other times I think it is a gift-it depends on the day! 

  I believe we are all creative-most of us tuck it away, hide it for a rainy day, or worse-for later in life!   WE all need to be creative now-it is a gift, an escape, a portal to bridge your inner and outer worlds!   Find a way every day to use your gift-I laugh at the crazy comments, now.  I actually smile and think yeah-I'm different!

Pharrell Williams on the TV show, The Voice said, "I'm weird, we are weird, you are weird, being the same is lame!"  Ok, maybe that wasn't the exact quote but it is close.  Yes, birds of a feather flock together, but some birds are blue, others red and some have yellow on their heads. Oh, damn I don't want to sound like Dr. Seuss.

Be the best you!

The Dr. said it better:

                                                                                                                               Dr. Seuss

My parents

So, love the flaws, the weird and crazy-to heck with those who think you are lazy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tangled in Emotions

I never planned to stop blogging for this long.  I had an art challenge to finish, a list my daughter and I plotted  to conquer before she moved away to college.

 I became sick and two visits to my Dr's office didn't give me any answers.  I went to the ER and again-no help!  I was in pain and needed something to get rid of the fire I felt burning in my lower abdomen.    Thanks to the internet-I know, I know don't self diagnose-I found some relief, a few ways to lower the PH in my body.  I gave up coffee, I drank green swamp juice, ate differently, drank water like a camel getting ready to embark on a long journey.(and I did-two of them.) In my zombie state of mind-I started to improve.  I didn't sleep much during this ordeal.  I heard the words:  Cancer, may be related to Kidney stones, Autoimmune and go back to your PCM.                              

I am better and hopeful!!  I am going to the Dr. next week.

Hubby n' I drove our daughter to her new home-college.  When we returned my mother's sister-my favorite aunt had passed away.   Two days later we were driving to Maine. We returned on Sunday in a fog-we have been over 2500 miles since August 15th.    Last night, my daughter's boyfriend called me and had a plan in place.  He was taking our daughter on a picnic and they were climbing a mountain to see the sunset.  When they reached the summit, he was going to propose!   It was odd since my mother gave me her wedding gown.   The last time I had been home was for my cousin's wedding.  Last night,  I received the call-they are engaged!   Daughter's boyfriend told his roommate and my daughter's roommate and they set the stage for a party!  They were greeted with streamer, balloons, cookies and cheer!  Today, my daughter found out she has been accepted into an Acapella group.

What a crazy ride August has been!   I have missed all of you, missed writing and blogging!!!
I hope you are well and life is good for you~  

 WE are crossing the Belfast bridge-almost home! 

I am not home until my feet reach the end of the timeworn wharf!  Do you think I let this sign stop me?!

No way-no how!  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Boomerang Metaphor Poem

  I have been sick-the dreaded summer cold.  I hate getting a cold, but in summer the sauna like humidity just makes me wilt.   I over heard my daughter and her boyfriend talking.  I guess the plan is not to return next summer.  I kinda suspected this news, but hearing it induced a sense of panic.  I have been on a mission to make memories.  We went to the Southern Hotel the other day and stopped to visit shop proprietor, Laura Carsey and artist, Ingrid McEntire.

Yes, I am behind on my 100 Days of Happy challenge. I made a collage-this covers from July 8-July 16.

 I found my daughter's childhood tea set.  The colors are mismatched and resemble Fiestaware.   
Cheerful, happy memories surfaced when I found this tiny cup. July 17

Now, time for a poem-I am so behind on blogging and writing!  Summer happened-

Here are happy photos for July 18,19th and 20.  Tomorrow I will post two pics to catch-up. I am using these photos to inspire a poem.  My friend, Hannah created a new form of poetry called Boomerang Metaphors.  You can read more about it here~  Congrats, Hannah!

This poem is an apron.
This poem is a Valentine from the sea.
This poem is a small token.

This poem is a kite on a clothesline
a pocketful of posies
a pink Depression ware plate
where memories are bleached n' hung
prayers for wet kisses for my roses
for your arms to hug me
This poem is an apron.

This poem is a gift from the sea
hear the ocean's breeze sing a bewitching tale
of the sea's marriage to the coast
as the waves kiss the shore
tumbling milky glass remembers
favors of love's stormy romance 
This poem is a Valentine from the sea.

This  poem is kissed by violet leaves
 where words gather on a lazy porch swing
in timeless word-homes
as Ice tea's tears collect and puddle
watching Monarch's floral wings embrace the blue fringe of day
tiny stars collected in a Mason jar lighting my pathway to you
This poem is a small token. 

This poem is an apron worn by my grandmother-now mine.
This poem is a Valentine kissed by a salty breeze.
This poem is a small token of violet freshness tucked in a word-home.

 ©Ellen Wilson

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh, Yeah Happy Days and a Poem

I was sick after the holiday.  My son caught this stomach, headache virus the very next day. I unfortunately caught it, too. Everyone else at my house was fine.  It felt like a tight helmet of pain.  Then the soccer punches arrived.  No fun!   I am thankful it only lasted 24 hours.

My daughter had time off  from work-we ran around gathering and purchasing more college supplies.   My potential art room is filled with Rubbermaid bins, bedding, towels and supplies.  I feel like I am on a marathon of feelings.  They circle me daily and remind me of what is to come. I bend, fold and tuck away my ideas for later, except for one idea I am working on.  It is reflective of  the 'birds of a feather' idea.

Okay, here is my Happy update.  I can't imagine how odd my photos will be when my daughter is gone and I have one foot in the past and the other in the future.

Day 2
-July 4th was about family, but seeing my Orange Nasturtiums bloom in a sea of red-made me smile. 
(This could inspire a poem)

Day 3
Two years ago, we planted some grapes,  I love seeing these clusters of sweetness gather-I bet they are sour. 
One cluster has a blush of purple and mauve-soon, I will try one soon.   -July 5th

Day 4
I gathered these finds for my daughter to take to college. I am smitten with the baby Honey bear and the idea of Novel Tea.  "Read 'em and steep!"  
-July 6th

Day 5
I love seeing these tiny Hens and Chickens growing in my Strawberry pot.  -July 7th

Over in the Garden, Michael aka Grapeling inspired us with a Get Listed poem.  We are asked to write a poem using three words from his list.  

fresh, burst, defy, chain, struck, forward, exchange, customary, prefer, close

***Grapeling's gorgeous photo***

Nature's Timepiece

Sun-glow clock
defies path
art in heaven whispers
 walk bridge 
 of solitude
planted in dreams
writhing n' rippling 
air squeezed out
why am I chained?

 fresh eyed Susan waves
her open arms remind me
my stubby walk-once a skinny pig
her eyes swaying among
wind's symphony
Soon, my orange sails will 
burst open
as silver fluff nears 
I make a wish: 
hover above fair Susan
 her golden dress sways
as we dance in our
mysterious square of blue. 

©Ellen Wilson

Tomorrow I will share three more photos-then I will be back on track!
I love the idea of searching for happy.  
You can still sign up?  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

100 Happy Days

My daughter and her boyfriend, Brenden challenged me to submit a photo, for 100 days-of something that makes me happy. There is a website and you, too can sign up-If you dare!!!  So, I signed up-then I thought about next month taking my daughter to her new home at college-I will be sad.  Maybe this will help me?!      I ran around my house taking photos.  Today, it was difficult to choose.

Ben n' Jerry's Coffee, Coffee, Buzz Buzz Buzz made me very happy! 
I had to burn it off, off, off-but it was worth it~

This also made me happy-
I love it when flowers decide to bloom in unique places.

But, today's winner was a book, I had received and had only glanced at.  I  love history and the stories that  arrive from what one gathers and collects~

Monday, June 30, 2014

Spinning Gold


Green road paved with tall firs
Sacred Oak filters silvered light
for tiny garden dwellers
 Earl Grey breath fogs early morning's portal
wishing for a honey spindling sky
a porch swing
a wedding ring quilt
tattered n' torn
Danube blue veins map
star charts
my day a murky veil
until you wake me

Let's visit Rabbit Island
where scarlet kisses cling
 to humidity's compass
your velvet ears listen
to human hymns
as  honey eyed Queen tickles you
elegant hands painting webbed light
I tip humanity's cup
as you-late bloomer
blush and
sniff anticipation.
 ©Ellen Wilson

I wish this photo was better, but I adore its charm.  My hound, Buster Brown stopping to smell the flowers-isn't he poetic!