Monday, June 30, 2014

Spinning Gold


Green road paved with tall firs
Sacred Oak filters silvered light
for tiny garden dwellers
 Earl Grey breath fogs early morning's portal
wishing for a honey spindling sky
a porch swing
a wedding ring quilt
tattered n' torn
Danube blue veins map
star charts
my day a murky veil
until you wake me

Let's visit Rabbit Island
where scarlet kisses cling
 to humidity's compass
your velvet ears listen
to human hymns
as  honey eyed Queen tickles you
elegant hands painting webbed light
I tip humanity's cup
as you-late bloomer
blush and
sniff anticipation.
 ©Ellen Wilson

I wish this photo was better, but I adore its charm.  My hound, Buster Brown stopping to smell the flowers-isn't he poetic!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think the blur adds to the photo's charm.
Earl Grey breath - nice!

Ella said...

Alex-Hot Tamale breath! This makes sense for a Ninja like yourself~ lol
Thank you, Alex!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What an absolutely beautiful and refreshing post. Cathartic words. And I agree with Alex - the blur really does make the photo more magical and surreal.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

The photo is perfect, Ella. I wouldn't change a thing about it. It's soft and diffused.

Where did you take the photo in your header?

Susan said...

Spinning gold in the day sky is much easier than spinning it all night long. The dog was right to wake the narrator Queen from that task into another possibility. Wonderful waking imagery and soft-furred dog.

manicddaily said...

Super cute pic and lovely poem--I especially like Earl Grey breath fogs! My kind of fogs! Ha. And the wedding quilt--Lovely--thanks, Ella. k.

Steve King said...

I think it's a fine picture. With fine verse and imagery to go with it. Wonderful use of color...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE the photo of Buster smelling the flowers. What a sweetie! Love the poem a whole lot - especially "wishing for a honey spindling sky" and the fact that your dog graces its lines. How he would adore a visit to Rabbit Island! We have bunnies all over the place here, which sends our dogs into orbit. And when they go into orbit so do the horses. Yikes. LOVE "I tip humanity's cup". Fantastic poem, kiddo.

colleen said...

This is just so enchanting. I love "Earl Grey breath fogs early morning's portal
wishing for a honey spindling sky" in particular.

Gail said...

Beautiful. The photo is perfect for your words. I like the Earl Grey breath.

Brian Miller said...

rabbit island sounds like a nice place to retreat to....i could do with a spot of earl grey...i find it very soothing....

Ella said...

Hi Brian-It kinda feels like Rabbit Island around her. My deck is surrounded and some of the baby bunnies run under my latticed deck to escape my hound. Yes, cheers to Earl and swirl of grey!

Gail-Thank you! It was a quick snap. It caught me off guard-but I felt fortunate to get it~ Animals have a way to enchant us!

Colleen-I got the honey spindling today. Phew, sticky n' hot! Thank you so much~

Sherry-Yes, my hound is a funny boy! He has his charm~ I am tipping my tea cup towards you-cheers! It is Rabbit Island at my house-lol! Thank you, Sherry!

Steve-Thank you! Gotta love a hound who pretends to be my muse!

Hi Karin-I dream of a porch swing and a faded old quilt-I guess that could be a winter project~ Thank you-cheers to you! A lot of poets like Earl Grey ;D Thank you so much!

Hi Susan-Yes, the star of gold does keep us all wheeling through our day! Thank you-he is a good ole boy, my hound!

Mama Zen said...

This is just luscious, Ella!

Susie Clevenger said...

Such a beautiful piece..."I tip humanity's cup as you-late bloomer
blush and sniff anticipation." Just a small part of the whole piece I love.

kaykuala said...

Yes, let's visit Rabbit's Island. It can be vacation surprise? Nicely Ella!


Ella said...

Hi Hank-Yes! Thank you, you are fun!

Susie-Thank you! I hope you are taking lots of photos-I will be by to see. Yes, my hound inspired this poem~

grapeling said...

loving Buster. cool pen, too, Ella ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

I couldn't imagine how this poem could be any better. Whenever I see a picture of a petunia, I can almost instant smell it's fragrance, and your lines have told a delightful tale as I see your dog can also not resist.

Mary said...

This is really so beautiful, Ella. I am so fortunate to know the poet that is you.

Tara Tyler R said...

thoroughly enjoyed everything - especially the sweet photo. Buster Brown! love it!

and thanks for commenting on my broken branch falls blog tour!

Ella said...

Hi Tara-Yes, he didn't live in a shoe-he ate them instead! lol I will stop by again soon~ Thank you so much!

Mary-Thank you! I feel fortunate to know you as a writer, poet and giving soul~

Kerry-Thank you! It was such a surprising moment. I am thrilled I got a pic of him enjoying something beautiful~ I know I love flowers. Thank you so much!

Hi Michael-Thank you so much! Yes, Buster will inspire poetry-again someday~

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